We have yet to meet a non-profit leader who doesn't love the idea of utilizing video to better tell the story of their organization and the communties they touch. In the past, the cost to produce a video has been beyond the reach of most non-profits and thus video storytelling has remained a dream for many non-profits. But as new technolgy and methods in video production have emerged, the cost of producing quality video has decreased significantly. While the expense is still a significant investment for non-profits, below are 5 reasons why we believe the expense is a worthwhile one:

1. Video serves as a product you can pass on to your donors.

As a non-profit, your stories of change are your product.  With the support of your donors, your organization works to affect change within the community it serves. While you relationship with your donors is distinct from a for-profit's relationship with it's customers, your donors deserve to be rewarded as well.  A video that beautifully and powerfully tells the story of your work, gives your donors the opportunity to feel more deeply connected to the work of your organization and to share the story of your organization with pride.

2. Video engages your audience on a deeper emotional level

Well-written stories can be powerful, but video has the power to bring your audience into the story in a unique way.  Video visually introduces your audience to those you serve, your volunteers, and your staff.  They can see the work you're doing instead of simply imagining it.  Video allows your audience to feel as if they are there along side of you as you serve your community.  And a well-produced video tells your story with multiple layers - from a moving piece of music, to a series of breathtaking shots - all inviting your audience to see (and feel) what you do in ways they hadn't imagined.

3. Video creates new opportunities for fundraising

Invite the press and your community members to a screening of a mini-documentary telling your organization's story.  Host a donor event that showcases a new film about one particularly powerful success story.  Include a video to launch an online campaign to crowdfund a new project.  Submit a video along with a grant application to increase your chances at securing new funding.  The opportunities are endless and our clients are constantly coming up with new and creative ways to leverage the videos we create for them.

4. Video helps you reach new audiences

89 million people in the United States are going to watch 1.2 billion online videos today. By 2016, video will make up over 50% of all internet traffic.  Online video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and others offer new opportunities to gain exposure for your non-profit by adding your videos to their databases of watchable (and searchable) content.  Introduce your non-profit to potential donors you didn't even know exist.

5. Video brings a new level of humanity to your work

We all love a great story and video has become one of the primary ways in which we best experience story.  Video is an immersive experience that involves our eyes, ears, heart, and mind.  Video tells your story is a way in which your audience can relate and sympathize - leading to greater possibilities of their engagement of your work.

Producing a video to tell your non-profit's story is a fresh, powerful, and effective way to deepen the engagement of the public with the work of your non-profit.   As the cost of producing high-quality videos for non-profits has come down, it's a great time for your non-profit to consider adding video as a way to better tell it's story of change.