As we've worked with clients over the past 6 years in helping them share their stories, we've recognized a trend. Many businesses haven't clearly defined their brand, it's goals, and it's message. Usually, businesses have clear business goals and a plan to meet those goals, but they haven't given much time to the discovery of their brand narrative.

When we work with an organization to develop a new website or short film, it's important to us to produce solutions that are consistent with their existing brand message.  Our goal is that our work would reflect and extend the values, visual identity, and brand charactistics that have been developed by the organization since it's inception.   We accomplish this by working with our clients to get a clear understanding of their brand through a brand discovery process.  This process can be a simple as a survey we have our client complete for us or extensive as a multi-session workshop with their leadership team to define the core brand characteristics.

For us, the story discovery process helps to produce work that is aligned with the brand our client is already building.  For our clients, we find the story discovery process helps them revisit the essence of their brand and leads them to redefine their brand goals.  As we seek to understand their brand, we find that our clients also better understand their story. 

We'd love to help you better understand your story.  We'll help lead your leadership team to a better definition of your organizational goals and we'll work with you to suggest effective ways to meet these goals.

To find out more about how our story discovery process can help your business, contact us for more info.