By keeping our production lean and leveraging streamlined workflows, we can produce short films for non-profits on a budget that's in their reach.  And we can do this with a high production value, producing quality, beautiful films at an affordable rate.  As we continue to launch our film production services to the non-profit community, we're launching our Non-Profit Fundraising Package: the start-to-finish production of short films that help non-profits better tell their stories to the world.

We're really excited to launch this new package to the non-profit community and are looking forward to the many moving stories that we can help tell.

To view the complete details, learn more about our Fundraising Package

While the rest of the country may not know it yet, Phoenix has a vibrant creative community.  Sure, Austin, San Francisco, and Raleigh-Durham get the press these days and certainly their creative communities have had more time to develop, but the Valley of the Sun has been coming into it’s creative own in recent  years.  With an impressive social media community using twitter to re-imagine how a city’s interacts with each other, and experiments such as the co-working space, Gangplank, gaining more and more attention, Phoenix is a legitimate home to  a world-class creative community.

phxdwPhoenix Design Week is an example of Phoenix’s interest in developing it’s creative community and it’s dedication to becoming playing a role in the national creative fabric of the US. Phoenix Design Week is week-long celebration of the design community in Phoenix. Event organizers describe the week as,

is a celebration of the local design community.  It will include a variety of exhibitions, open houses, workshops, presentations, activities, films and other community-growth oriented events.

At MethodLab Media, we’re excited about Phoenix Design Week.  We’re excited because we’re designers who live in Phoenix, but we’re also even more excited because of the collaboration that will result as a result of our being a part of the event.  We’re convinced that the local creative community must celebrate one another’s successes and work together to develop the beauty & creativity of our city.

We’ve registered for Design Week, nagged our designers friends to register, and we’ve even contributed to the event as a Founding Supporter.  While we have no doubt Phoenix Design Week will be a success, it will be that much better with you contributing to the creative community of Phoenix.

Find out more about Phoenix design week and register for the event at

fractal_twitterFor months, we’ve been searching for some new space in which to move the MethodLab Media offices.  We wanted to move into the heart of the Downtown Phoenix arts district to contribute to the monthly First Friday artwalk that has become way of life for most people living in Central Phoenix. We also wanted a space that was more than just a design studio, but space that was big enough to house a small music venue, an artspace, and a community event space.  The search for this kind of space led us to rent some space in the Bragg’s Pie Factory on Grand Avenue.  Our space at Grand is large enough for a variety of purposes.  It’s a warehouse space with a ton of creative potential and it’s one of a number of artspaces in the building.

As we’ve been moving in and setting up over the past month, we’ve developing partnerships with some great organizations that will help us make this space even better than we could alone.  The DoJo Collective, a non-profit focused on developing mentoring programs and education is graphic design, are managing a co-working space in our building.  This means that during the week, we’ll open our offices to those in creative fields who don’t work in a conventional office setting or who are contract employees.  A co-working space likes this cultivates a unique sense of creative synergy that we hope both inspires us at MethodLab, but also inspires creatives in Phoenix to be that much better.  CommunitasPHX, a faith-based non-profit that has a series of community initiatives focused on the working poor & homeless will also be centering their operations out of our new space.  We’re also forming a group of friends and volunteers to help us host a series of small concerts and art-related events in our space.

With all of these pieces coming together in once place, we like to think of it as “a collaborative space”.  And we’ve named it fractal.  the name suggests the idea of a few smaller pieces forming together to create something beautiful.  We really believe that to be true about this new space and we hope to include even more small pieces making our collective efforts that much more beautiful. Our co-working space will be open to the public starting the first week in January and our event calendar will start filling up shortly after.

If you’re around downtown tonight, we’re throwing a preview event to show off our new digs.  We’d love to see you and we invite your help in making fractal an important and vital part of the future of Downtown Phoenix.