Friday, 06 November 2009 17:47
The PHX BrewParty is an annual party we throw in connection with communitasPHX. Billed as a celebration of creativity & community, the PHX Brew Party is part homebrewing competition, part benefit, & part community event.  Hosted in the front yard of a 1920’s bungalow in Downtown Phoenix, the party will showcase 14 locally brewed beers and 4 local DJ’s.  Proceeds from the PHX BrewParty will benefit the work of communitasPHX. Apart from the branding and web site for the party, we also screenprinted a limited amount of t-shirts and posters for the party.

Branding, Web Design, Screen-printing
Thursday, 12 November 2009 08:00

The Remba Project is a social enterprise connecting people who want make a difference with products that do. Everything they sell is hand-made, organic, and fair-trade from artisans in developing countries around the world. As Remba sells these products, they are able to provide new resources to the underdeveloped and under-resourced communities in which these products are made.

We had the opportunity to create Remba’s visual identity - their “face” to the world along with a promotional print piece in which they’ll use to share their products with the world.

Branding, Print Design
Thursday, 29 April 2010 17:00
Sam Richard is a good friend who makes it no secret that he’ll someday be putting his name in the hat to run for Phoenix City Council.  Sam is full of great ideas and we think he’ll bring some fresh air to the usual politics of Phoenix.  We had the privilege of working with Sam to develop a fresh identity for him and his upcoming campaign. He asked us to help design a logo and identity to help him get his name out to the public. The result was a stunning design that cleanly and elegantly communicates the movement forward he hopes to someday provide to the City of Phoenix. We’re rooting for him as he begins his journey to public service.

We’re proud to be working with Sam to develop his personal and campaign identities as he seeks to Move Phoenix Forward with New Energy.

sam richard business cards

Identity Design, Print Design
Thursday, 26 July 2012 16:19
The M Club is a new approach to a private golf membership that offers it's members the ability to play at multiple golf courses across Arizona. Founded by PGA star, Phil Mickelson, the M Club brings added value to the traditional private golf membership while maintaining the quality of service and experience expected from a private club.

We worked closely with the M Club team to develop a visual identity that connected with the personal brand of founder, Phil Mickelson, while keeping with a traditional look and feel of a prviate golf club.  We then designed a series of marketing collateral pieces that included banners, brochures, and clothing to help extend the new brand's public presence.  Finally, we developed a website to showcase the M Club to the golfing public that's visually stunning, informative, and focused on connecting interested golfers with the M Club sales & marketing team.  

We continue to work with the M Club team in the development of their secure member website that will allow members to book tee times across the various M Club courses, keep up to date with club events and news,  purchase exclusive M Club merchandise, and book travel and dining reservations through the M Club exclusive concierge.


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Thursday, 19 July 2012 16:49

As we've worked with clients over the past 6 years in helping them share their stories, we've recognized a trend. Many businesses haven't clearly defined their brand, it's goals, and it's message. Usually, businesses have clear business goals and a plan to meet those goals, but they haven't given much time to the discovery of their brand narrative.

When we work with an organization to develop a new website or short film, it's important to us to produce solutions that are consistent with their existing brand message.  Our goal is that our work would reflect and extend the values, visual identity, and brand charactistics that have been developed by the organization since it's inception.   We accomplish this by working with our clients to get a clear understanding of their brand through a brand discovery process.  This process can be a simple as a survey we have our client complete for us or extensive as a multi-session workshop with their leadership team to define the core brand characteristics.

For us, the story discovery process helps to produce work that is aligned with the brand our client is already building.  For our clients, we find the story discovery process helps them revisit the essence of their brand and leads them to redefine their brand goals.  As we seek to understand their brand, we find that our clients also better understand their story. 

We'd love to help you better understand your story.  We'll help lead your leadership team to a better definition of your organizational goals and we'll work with you to suggest effective ways to meet these goals.

To find out more about how our story discovery process can help your business, contact us for more info.

Friday, 30 April 2010 15:29

ReWire is a new initiative of Church Resource Ministries that works with existing church leaders to help them better engage the culture around them. They wanted a look that represented their interest in urban environments and the messy reality of our world, yet would still resonate with leaders in local church contexts.

We designed an identity for ReWire that balanced the two worlds that their work represents. We then developed a tri-fold marketing brochure (7″x7″) utilizing gritty, urban imagery and clean typography. Finally, we used elements of the identity & the brochure to design a few header images for use in CRM’s existing website.

Services: Identity Design, Print Design, Web Design

Sunday, 02 May 2010 17:00

The Collegiate Match Play Championship is an annual tournament organized by our client, The Golf Coaches Association of America. The Golf Coaches Association of America (GCAA) is a professional association representing collegiate men’s golf coaches and their student-athletes throughout the country. Established in 1958, this non-profit organization of more than 700 members is dedicated to educating, promoting and recognizing both its members and the student-athletes who participate in collegiate golf at all levels. The Collegiate Match Play Championship is recognized as having one of the top collegiate fields annually and has been held on some truly great venues including Colonial Country Club in Fort Worth, Texas; Reynolds Plantation the Oconee Course, Greensboro, Georgia; Mission Inn Golf Resort, Howey In the Hills, Florida and in 2009 The Farms Golf Club in Rancho Santa Fe, California.

We developed the Collegiate Match Play site with the GCAA in mind, building the site on a Content Management System that allowed them to easily add and edit content during the event itself. After each round of play, the GCAA team loaded news articles, picture galleries, and scoring updates to the site to inform fans, as well as friends & family members of the participants.

The design highlights the content, while keeping the aesthetic minimal and complementary. We’re proud to work with the GCAA and the great events they host around the nation.

Services: Web Design, CMS Development

Tuesday, 04 May 2010 15:25

Harmony and Health Acupuncture is a new acupuncture clinic in Central Phoenix where the ancient art of Traditional Chinese Medicine is combined with modern medical science to treat a broad range of conditions. Owner Ann Rea consulted MethodLab Media to design a website for her new business that was clean, modern, and pleasing to the eyes.

For H+H, we developed a website built upon the Wordpress platform giving the look and feel of a traditional site, but with the administrative ability for the client to log-in the backend of the site to make edits and changes herself. The site makes great use of the identity and color scheme we developed for H+H, and has just the right amount of movement at the top of the page to create interest, while keeping the site uncluttered. We’re excited to be partnering with Ann and Harmony and Health Acupuncture as they bring there terrific services to Central Phoenix.

Services: Web Design, Wordpress development

Friday, 29 April 2011 21:13

The origin of the term brand comes from brandr, the Norse word for fire. It means to burn the mark of the producer onto the product that they made. The Etruscans, Romans and Greeks used to claim their ownership by stamping their pottery with the visuals of the fish, star or cross. Brand has its roots in cattle ranching and farming, when farmers used to brand the cattle to claim their ownership over a specific herd of cattle. During the industrial revolution, factories seeking to introduce their products to a wider market in which customers were previously familiar only with locally-produced goods began "branding" their products in an effort to increase the consumer's familiarity with their products. Since the industrial revolution, manufacturers have moved beyond the concept of brand as a simple mark or logo and have built personality, such as youthfulness, fun or luxury, into their brand.

Tuesday, 01 September 2009 17:43


Matt Adams, Senior Partner & Creative Director at Factor 1 Studios and a friend, posted a great article entitled, “the dirty on your web budget” today on the Factor 1 blog.  In the article, Matt explains how Factor 1 prices their work and their approach closely reflects how we approach our pricing at Methodlab Media.  If your company is looking into web design, read through this article for an idea of what it should cost you. No matter who you choose to work with, good design is worth it.

“the dirty on your web budget” - the Factor 1 Studios Blog

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