At Methodlab, we approach each project with the same method. From a quick logo redesign or an extensive web design & development project, we follow the steps below to ensure we provide your organization with the highest quality creative work while involving your leadership team deeply in the creative process.


Good books are made up of chapters that seamlessly build upon one another to tell a singular story. The branding and marketing efforts of your organization should do the same - tell a singular story. And not just any story, but YOUR story. 

As we approach your project, we'll first seek to understand that story and to distill it down to the most important messages you offer to the marketplace. This "discovery" serves two important purposes; first, it will give your leadership team a more clearly defined understanding of your brand and second, it will allow our creative team to produce a final product that will be consistent with your existing brand and help extend it further.


Often, we intuitively know what the goals of our marketing efforts are, but fail to articulate them well so that we can pass them on - both inside and outside of our organization. Defining the characteristics of your brand and the goals of your marketing efforts create a natural accountability to which all future efforts can be based upon. We'll help you define your brand and your objectives.


Only after carefully understanding your brand and articulating clear goals, will we begin the creative process. During this phase, our creative team will work directly with your leadership team to imagine solutions to the key challenges your organization faces.  We'll craft visual designs that match the goals you've defined and do so in a way that involved your input along the way.


Once the project designs are established, we'll help your organization utilize this creative work in your day to day business. Now that you have some fresh creative work to propel your organization forward, we'll help you imagine new ways to utilize the work and we'll offer ideas to help your team continue the process of developing the brand we've helped you create or redefine.

We hope this development process is a long-term relationship.