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At MethodLab Media, we love twitter.  We use it daily and we’re often dreaming up news ways that we can take the simplicity of the service and use it in creative ways.  We also love playing a role in the community of people & businesses that make up our neighborhood and our city. We wondered if we could build a tool that used localized twitter feeds to help people connect with others near them and to stay informed about what’s going on in their local community.  Thus PHXTweets was born. allows a visitor to view a live-updating local feed of twitter users in the Phoenix-metro area.  This gives them exposure to people and conversations they might not have access to or be aware of.  Our hope is PHXtweets inspires it’s users to use social media like twitter and a way to enhance the way they interact and participate with others in their local context.

Web Design, custom PHP/Javascript development, identity/branding