Madison's Story

In the spring of 2013, Little Hooves & Big Hearts approached us to help them produce a short film that they could use to help the public better understand the amazing work that they do with seniors and children with disabilities. With 11 miniature horses, a staff of certified equine-therapists, and a beautiful facility in Oracle, AZ, LHBH wanted to tell it's story to more people.

Over the next few months, we worked closely with LHBH, to produce, Madison's Story - the story of 13-year old Madison Harper's experience working with the horses of LHBH.  Madison's improvement has been remarkable as she's developed a unique bond with the animals.

Madison's Story is one of both challenges and triumph. Diagnosed with a number of severe developmental conditions, Madison's family sought out the help of Little Hooves & Big Hearts. Through the use of equine-assisted therapy, Madison has experienced incredible improvements in all aspects of her life, showing that equine therapy does indeed change lives.

Shot & edited by Zack Newsome.
Music licensed from The Music Bed.

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